It’s official! You don’t have to fear the reaper, because the Reaper Convention is here!

We know you have been patient with us and we are very grateful to all of you. We promised we would have done something for you and we kept our promise.

Are you ready to join us and some of our favorite bikers? Yes? Then do it!

Reaper Convention will be held from 12th to 13th April 2014 in the North of Italy, precisely in Lazise, on the Garda Lake (we will be back soon with the details about the location).

In the next few hours we’ll give you further information about the passes.

And now I’m sure you are wondering who will be the guests…

We promise – again, I know – that we will be back soon with the first announcement! Keep the faith!

Meanwhile, we suggest you to join our forum and follow us:








My publishing company and a call for all the NON Italian writers

Good morning!
Yes, when I come back here, I'm always full of news and surprises. And that's why I don't have basically any spare time to stay here...

Btw, straight to the point.

I own a publishing company now, called Triskell Edizioni. I know it's crazy...



I run a cultural association for a while and I don't know why I never thought about this solution. My brain never stops working actually, and one day I woke up with a epiphany in my head! So I called my consultant and explained my idea. And he agreed with me that it was a very good idea.

My association is no profit, and that's why I never thought about selling things, but I found out it's possible, and it was the perfect way to start! Considering everything we sell is "cultural" and we work for creating it.

But we don't want to work with only Italian authors. We want to do more!

I worked as the Italian coordinator for an American M/M publisher, I was (and I still am) a translator from English to Italian for them, so I have experience and good skills in translating erotic M/M romance, as well as my colleagues.

So we’ve decided to open submissions to foreign authors who want to get published in Italian (in Italy).

Although many authors still prefer paper, Triskell believes in digital publishing, and the possibility of a widespread distribution thanks to the platforms created just for that purpose.
Triskell Edizioni firmly believes that reading should be a pleasure and that's why we are looking for manuscripts that are enjoyable and pleasant to read.

The manuscript we are open to accept must meet these two requirements:
1) It has to be a Romance (M/F, M/M or F/F): we need a strong romance plotline between the characters.
2) It needs a happy ending.  If the story ends badly, it can’t fit in the romance genre. The “happy ending” is really mandatory.

Authors who want to submit with us can be unpublished or published. If you want to submit your story for translation and it's already published somewhere, be sure you own the translation rights. If you are in doubt, please contact your publisher.
We are interested in several genres: contemporary, historical, mystery, fantasy, thriller, noir, and young adult. 

Triskell is a place for all the writers who want to believe in a publishing house that believe in them.

There are several authors hidden behind the monitor which deserve to be brought out into the open. And that's our goal.
Feel free to contact me for more information. I'm at your disposal.  (We are preparing a file for the writers and a guideline for submission in English.)
You can contact me here or by email @  barbara@triskellevents.org

P.S.: Triskell will never ask for any contribution to the authors. Not even for the translations. The royalties will be discussed privately.

Can you please help me to spread the word where you know there are people who might be interested in this proposal?
Thank you!

P.S2: Of course they can fanfiction... The authors only needs to know they will have to be changed into original stories.


Semi friends only

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From today my journal is (semi)Friends-only. If you want to be my friend please leave a comment here! 
Take a look at my profile, so you can see if there's something to share with me.  If you tell me something about you Ill be more likely to add you back! ^_^

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Le mie fanfiction le trovate su bloodybaby73 


Per tutte le scrittrici/scrittori di romance

Questa volto uso il mio LJ per parlarvi della mia ultima avventura. Ho tramutato l'associazione culturale che avevo aperto per altri motivi in editore digitale.
Da qualche settimana siamo ufficialmente in campo e stiamo cercando di farci conoscere.

Se c'è qualcuno di voi che ama scrivere romance (di tutti i generi e 'sessi' ;) ) e ama il lieto fine, la Triskell Edizioni ha aperto i battenti!


La Triskell Edizioni nasce come ‘costola’ dell’Associazione culturale Triskell Events e si presenta al pubblico come editore digitale.

Il team della Triskell Edizioni è fermamente convinto che la lettura debba essere un piacere ed è per questo che si prefissa di raccogliere, valutare e pubblicare romanzi che possano essere definiti ‘godibili’ e ‘piacevoli’.

In questi anni in cui l’amore sembra un po’ passato di moda, per noi rappresenterà  invece il punto focale.

I testi della Triskell Edizioni saranno disponibili nei formati .pdf, .epub e mobi e verranno distributi sia direttamente sul sito (previa registrazione) che su Amazon e altri negozi online.

Per qualsiasi informazione contatteci all’indirizzo: edizioni@triskellevents.org

Visitate il sito : http://www.triskellevents.org/edizioni/

La nostra pagina FB: http://www.facebook.com/TriskellEdizioni

Il nostro twitter:  http://twitter.com/TriskellEdiz


Al momento stiamo selezionando racconti brevi da inserire in un'antologia gratuita e anche racconti singoli, sempre da distribuire gratuitamente. Se siete interessate contattateci a: manoscritti@triskelleevents.org

Qui trovate tutti i dettagli: http://www.triskellevents.org/edizioni/antologia-e-racconti-gratuiti/


Fate girare la voce! Aiutateci a farci conoscere! Grazie!


Happy New Year

2012 is almost gone... and I'm happy because this last year really sucked.
I have faith that 2013 will be an amazing one and I wish that all of you can have everything you want and health, happyness and love!


I want to come back. Period.

It's a life since the last time I wrote here...

I have so many things to tell you, good and bad, things that filled up my life and gave me happyness and sadness, and things that unfortunately kept me afar from here.

I'm not expecting anything from you, and I will understand you are not interested in me anymore.

I just need to come back here because I miss LJ world. That's it.
I hope I will be able to do it for real...

Big Bang Time!

Good morning people!
How are you? I hope you are fine! I am... almost.

It's pretty clear I don't have time anymore for LJ and I'm so so so so so sorry (or at least I don't have time to post here. For those who are interested I'm still writing :D)

What can I say? Even if my working time has been lowered due to the crisis, my "job" for the american publisher increased a lot and I barely have the time to do anything else.
I can say I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm a translator, a screener, a quality reader and I'm the coordinator of the italian group, so... YAY me ^O^
Aaaand, I keep on going writing my stories. <3

And for this year I signed up to the BigBang again!
Btw, I hope you like this little arts that I did for this amazing fanfic, written by elless18
Here is the post with the fic: http://elless18.livejournal.com/49069.html

The book

The icons


Wallpaper *-*


Chrolli Convention

(banner by babyara)

I'm excited.

I'm starting to organize the first convention dedicated to Christian and Oliver, better known as Chrolli, from the German soap "Verbotene Liebe".

I know that there are many fans of this couple out there and I thought that creating an event to celebrate this wonderful couple could be something interesting and challenging.

To do this, though, I need your support, so I ask you to help me to spread the word about the Con and the poll I prepared, because we need to see how many people are really interested.

The actors have already been contacted, but if the number of participants was too low, it would be difficult to go on with the project.

It's important that the vote is reasoned and truthful.
In order to organize the event I need to have an idea of how many people are really interested, so I don't need to see 1000 "yes" and then only 4 people are really interested in investing something to support the event.

Thank you! :)

Here are the links:

Poll on Facebook
Poll on the Forum


Sono emozionata.

Sto iniziando ad organizzare la prima convention dedicata completamente a Christian e Oliver, meglio conosciuti come Chrolli, dalla soap opera tedesca "Verbotene Liebe".

Vista la passione comune che unisce tanti di noi, ho pensato che creare un evento per celebrare questa coppia meravigliosa potesse essere qualcosa di interessante e stimolante.

Per farlo, però, ho bisogno del vostro supporto, quindi vi chiedo di aiutarmi a far girare la voce e far votare il sondaggio che ho preparato per capire quante persone possono essere realmente interessate (ovviamente se ne conoscete).

Gli attori sono già stati contattati, ma se il numero dei partecipanti fosse troppo basso, sarebbe difficile riuscire a portare avanti il progetto.

E’ importante che il voto sia ragionato e veritiero.
Per poter organizzare l’evento devo avere un’idea il più possibile precisa di quante sono le persone realmente interessate, onde evitare di trovarmi magari 1000 “sì” e poi 4 persone che saranno davvero disposte ad investire qualcosa per supportare l’evento.

Grazie! :)

Di seguito tutti i link dedicati alla Convention.

Link al sondaggio su Facebook
Link al sondaggio sul Forum